A downloadable game


A game by Thomas Young for the Moosader Community's 12th game making competition.

Artwork by:

Rachel Morris (moosader.com)

YDT89 (OpenGameArt)

Music by:

Brian Boyko

Kevin Macleod

Frank Nora


It's a game where you play as a traveling merchant and have to sell things to people/monsters/talking hyper intelligent chairs. Figure out the best way to make a sale by analyzing their personalities. Survive on a trip across a vast desert, and earn money to buy yourself a home in the Grand Capital!

Goals of the Game

Make as much gold as you can selling your wares to the various people and creatures of the land by figuring out the perfect sales pitch. Find out information about each potential customer by asking them questions.Your stats determine how many times you can question them. You can threaten your customers into buying your goods, appeal to their needs or have them pity you. Each method not only drains their willpower but your own as well. If the customers willpower runs out, then they will buy your goods. Run out of willpower, and you will lose out on money. Keep your food and medicine supplies in check, otherwise it's gameover!

Everything is pretty much controlled using a mouse based UI. No confusing arrow keys or button combos to worry about!


minimerchant.zip 10 MB
minimerchant-source.zip 9 MB